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What makes The Tenth Leaf a bit special are the beautiful, original images which are the focal point of many of the puzzles. There are lots of different kinds of puzzles. Some are purely graphical, some are story based, and some use dynamic effects. If you like to use your brain, you'll love our puzzles! What's more, it's all free and suitable for all the family and we have a very friendly community who will help if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Hall of Fame
If you really want to hone your brain cells, take a crack at the "Genius" puzzles and see if you can enter The Tenth Leaf Hall of Fame. New puzzles are being published all the time, so make sure you watch out for news on our forums and news pages.

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How to play

Genius PuzzleThe Tenth Leaf chronicles the endeavors of an unlikely pair of adventurers, Bookworm and Melissa. They are drawn together by the discovery of a strange old book whose pages are locked as if by magic. Their quest is to solve the multitude of puzzles inside the book to make it to Chapter 10. But they can't do it without a little help! Team up with family and friends to give them a hand and exercise your brain at the same time! Find out more by clicking here.

The "Chapter Unlocking" puzzles

robinEach chapter of The Tenth Leaf is inspired by an iconic moment in a classic work of fiction. To help Bookworm and Melissa get to chapter 10, you will need to work out the name of the book and then you can attempt to unlock the next chapter by answering the special "chapter unlocking" questions that are based upon the story. These special questions always have the same format. Use lower case throughout for the first answer. The second answer is always a number and should be expressed using digits i.e. twenty should be written as 20.

Find out more by clicking here.

The puzzles

Look for clues by moving your mouse pointer over the pictures and text on each page. You'll find that the cursor turns into a pointing finger when you hit a "hot spot". Don't expect things to stay the same though and don't expect the hotspots to be in obvious places. This is a magical world and you should expect there to be lots of hidden content; finding it is part of the fun! Keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected!

Read the Nudges page for more help, but before you do that, see if you can find some more hidden content on this page by locating all the hotspots on the image below. Try starting with the honey bee then click on the leaves in a clockwise direction.

The Story of The Tenth Leaf

the tenth leafThere was something strange about that battered old book. There seemed to be some magic that prevented the pages turning. And then, as if by mere chance, an adventurer just “happens upon it”. Coincidence. No please! In my opinion, the book was the “honey pot” that drew Bookworm to the spot. Just as Melissa was drawn there too.

Bookworm and Melissa

Who or what is Melissa? Rumour has it that he's a honey bee! But don't tell Bookworm. Bookworm isn't all that smart and we don't want to give the secret away just yet. I think that our stalwart explorer should be able to (eventually) work that one out with a little assistance from some of the denizens that live in the chapters of The Tenth Leaf.

But don't write Bookworm off! Not too smart. Maybe. A bit thick. Definitely. And you should hear what Melissa has to say! “A blithering idiot!” Ouch!

Lucy reckons that all our lives depend on Bookworm. Oh dear.

Let's hope that Bookworm is a quick learner...

The treasure hunt begins

Bookworm and Melissa embark on a treasure hunt through space and time to visit worlds you will remember from reading much loved classic stories. But the treasure Bookworm and Melissa are seeking is more precious than mere gold or jewels! On their odyssey, they meet strange characters who help (and hinder!) their progress. There's Miss Doodle for example, and Uncle Slimjam Boathunky, as well as the occasional monster and a few supernatural beings thrown in for good measure.

So what's up with Melissa?

Tenthleaf book previewWhat's all this about “Rumour has it he's a honeybee”. Isn't Melissa a girls name? Well, according to Melissa, all his brothers and sisters are called Melissa too. So is that why he's sooo grumpy? Don't think so. Melissa reckons that having 50,000 siblings is just hum drum. So what's up with Melissa? Apparently all his clan are in decline! And time is running out for him. I see.

Fancy some brain stimulation?

HOFUsing their ingenuity the pair must solve scores of intricate puzzles in order to reach their goal. Will you help them? Solving the puzzles of the Tenth Leaf treasure hunt is a pursuit that will entertain every member of the family. Packed with puzzles, The Tenth Leaf will provide hours of stimulating entertainment. If you really want to hone your brain cells, take a crack at the "Genius" puzzles and see if you can enter The Tenth Leaf Hall of Fame. New puzzles are being published all the time. So don't just sit there! Get your thinking cap on and enter the pages of The Tenth Leaf. Find the secret to the treasure and so SAVE MELISSA!

But it's too hard! I need some help!

Discussion Board Don't worry! There's plenty of help. Why not become a member of our friendly Tenthleaf forums. You'll find a community of welcoming people who are keen to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. Join up and give us your ideas on how we can all help to Save melissa!


Would you like to see your own pet in The Tenth Leaf? Join our community and submit a photo of your pet. We'll be having a poll later on this year to find the cutest pet. The winning pet will become part of the story! Sign up now!

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